Membership Forms

Note:  Use this page to educate yourself on what is needed when joining the gym. 
The following forms are same as our Membership, Waiver and PAR-Q forms used when new members join the gym.  Our apology as these do not print off the website in proper format or full size as the regular forms.
DFC staff encourage and welcome anyone who is thinking about joining to drop by and check the Centre out first. Call ahead to schedule a best time to visit.  That visit is a great opportunity to take a form to complete at home.
OR existing members; use this page to easily review related terms that apply to all DFC members. Please note the Par-Q is designed to be updated annually. DFC members are asked to notify the DFC of changes in their health at any time and/or reconfirm annually that they have no medical restrictions to safely workout at the DFC.

Click Below To Download Each Required Form

Any “YES” responses to the CSEP Get Active Questionnaire?  We want to ensure a safe start up of a regular exercise program for all members. Some medical conditions require start up exercise specific advice to be provided by your medical doctor, physiotherapist, kinesiologist or other medical professional.  Our staff can customize your orientation/programming for a safe start up.  Provide us with your medical professional’s note to detail any recommended exercises, starting weights or restrictions OR they can complete a PARmed-X.