Membership Forms

Note:  New membership sales MAY  be suspended in the Covid 19 reopening & recovery phases as pre-existing members are given priority access.  Please contact the DFC in advance to ensure that you can purchase a new membership.
The following forms are same as our Membership, Waiver and PAR-Q forms used when new members join the gym.  Our apology as these do not print off the website in proper format or full size as the regular forms.
DFC staff encourage and welcome anyone who just wants to drop in and check the Centre out first. If you want to think some more about joining, that visit is a great opportunity to take a form home with you. Fill in your data sections in advance to expedite the process when you return and join the DFC.
For those ready to join on their first visit; please understand that processing these forms does take a few minutes. Reading these same documents on this website first lets you be better prepared and possibly shorten the time needed when you join.
OR existing members; use this page to easily review related terms that apply to all DFC members. Please note the Par-Q is designed to be updated annually. DFC members are asked to notify the DFC of changes in their health at any time and/or reconfirm annually that they have no medical restrictions to safely workout at the DFC.

1. Membership Form

Membership application-waiver 2015












2. Membership Waiver

Membership application-waiver 2015(2)















Membership application-waiver 2015(3)

























3. Physicial Activity Readiness Questionnaire(PAR Q) – Click the link below.

Any  YES responses on PAR-Q?  We want to ensure a safe start up of a regular exercise program for all members. Some medical conditions require start up exercise specific advice to be provided by your medical doctor, physiotherapist, kinesiologist or other medical professional.  Our staff can customize your orientation/programming for a safe start up.  Provide us with your medical professional’s note to detail any recommended exercises, starting weights or restrictions OR they can complete a PARmed-X.