Services, Amenities & Equipment

The Durham Fitness Centre is a municipal property operated by The Durham Activity Centre (non-profit).  It is managed by an experienced Board of Directors who have volunteered their time and energy since 1997 to provide the region with affordable access to a first rate fitness facility and services.

Our staff can assess and program for individual health and fitness capabilities and needs.  Membership connects you to staff and other members who provide motivation, support, and monitoring, so that you can achieve your fitness goals.

We are a full service fitness centre, well known for cleanliness, friendly atmosphere,  quality equipment, dedicated staff/volunteers and straight forward fees. You’ll find everything you need to begin or continue your health and wellness journey and meet any goal you may have!  We are proud of our collaboration with our local Family Health Team to host their COPD programs throughout spring/summer/fall.

6500 sq. ft Facility


  • Equipment orientation (up to 3 sessions) and Initial start up program
  • Specialty Programs (Youth Sports Performance, Advanced TRX)
  • Group Workouts & Events
    • Access to Studio/AV equipment,
    • Studio times for member led group workouts
  • SAUNA, Private Showers, day use Lockers
  • Air Conditioned,  TV’s,  WIFI
  • Multi-use Studio – Individual to group training, seminars, Boxing Ring.


  • Bikes( Upright, Recumbent and Hybrid and Spin),
  • CYBEX-Selectorized Machines-for all muscle groups
  • MATRIX Functional Trainer, Leg Press, Low Row
  • Smith Machine, Power Cage,
  • Tons of olympic plates, Dumbbells (up to 110 lbs) & Benches
  • Multitude of Cross Fit Accessories – TRX, plyo boxes, rebounders, skipping ropes, resistance bands, BOSU, Medicine Balls, Kettle Bells, Heavy Bags, Battling Ropes, cones, ladders, parachutes,  hurdles and more